Canadian 2018 Femicide Map



The overall goal of the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice & Accountability is to establish a visible, national focus on femicide in this country which, in turn, will increase public awareness and education about the gender-related killings of women and girls.

The Canadian Femicide Map is one way to achieve this goal. The current map includes an orange marker for each location where a woman or girl was killed in 2018 as of August 31 and it will be updated regularly. 

As discussed elsewhere, not all killings of women and girls are femicide. As we work to identify those that do fall within the parameters of femicide, their markers will be changed to purple. Killings that do not fall within the parameters of femicide, at least according to the information we currently have, will remain orange.

The long-term goal will be to visibly show how many killings of women and girls are attributable to femicide across the different regions of Canada.

Below, by clicking on each marker, you will be able to see the name of the woman or girl (if identified or released in the media), the date of their killing, the province, and region/city/town. We also include a link to the story that documents her death.