Maria Crawford (Ontario)

Maria CrawfordMaria Crawford has extensive experience in the shelter sector in Ontario, working for over 30 years in the violence against women sector and the homeless youth sector. She has a BA (Sociology), an Honours degree in Social Work, and is a graduate of Schulich’s Non-Profit Management and Leadership Program. A member of the Women We Honour Action Committee, Maria was lead researcher and co-author of the original femicide research in Ontario, entitled Woman Killing: Intimate Femicide in Ontario, 1974-1990, as well as the second phase of the project which updated data on all intimate femicides in Ontario (1991-1994). This study laid the groundwork for more focused and continuing research on femicide in Canada by drawing attention to previously unexamined patterns in the killing of women. Maria recently retired after serving for the past 20 years as the Executive Director of Eva’s Initiatives. During her tenure, she led the growth and development of that organization from a single shelter to three unique shelter programs with an expanded portfolio of specialized services for homeless youth, pioneering programs in harm reduction, employment, education and training as well as family reunification work. She also led the development of a successful national program, focussed on capacity building and assisting other Canadian communities to develop effective models to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness. The success of this national program resulted in its evolution into an independent organization. Maria currently serves as a board member and chair of the Governance Committee for the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.