Special Issue on Femicide

Femicide: A social challengeSpecial Issue
Chaime Marcuello-Servós, Consuelo Corradi, Shalva Weil, Santiago Boira
First Published April 12, 2016; pp. 967–974                  

Theories of femicide and their significance for social research
Consuelo Corradi, Chaime Marcuello-Servós, Santiago Boira, Shalva Weil
First Published February 2, 2016; pp. 975–995

Punishing femicide: Criminal justice responses to the killing of women over four decades
Myrna Dawson
First Published November 9, 2015; pp. 996–1016   

Transforming feminicidio: Framing, institutionalization and social change
Paulina García-Del Moral
First Published December 23, 2015; pp. 1017–1035      

An explanation of honour-related killings of women in Europe through Bourdieu’s concept of symbolic violence and masculine domin
Magdalena A Grzyb
First Published March 3, 2016; pp. 1036–1053          

Feminicide in Mexico: An approach through academic, activist and artistic work
Martha Patricia Castañeda Salgado
First Published March 23, 2016; pp. 1054–1070

‘Femminicidio’ in Italy: A critique of feminist gender discourse and constructivist reading of the human identity
Daniela Bandelli, Giorgio Porcelli
First Published February 24, 2016; pp. 1071–1089                      

The effects of detrimental drinking patterns and drug use on female homicide victimization rates across Europe
Janet P Stamatel
First Published December 18, 2015; pp. 1090–1107

Lethal domestic violence as a sequential process: Beyond the traditional regression approach to risk factors
Augusto Gnisci, Antonio Pace
First Published March 8, 2016; pp. 1108–1123                         

Making femicide visible
Shalva Weil
First Published February 2, 2016; pp. 1124–1137