Remembering Women and Girls Killed by Violence

Memory Candle

A key objective of the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability is to bring a visible, national focus on femicide in this country. One way of doing so is to be sure that femicide victims are not forgotten by naming these women and girls with the purpose of remembering them.

Below, we begin by naming and remembering all women and girls in Canada killed by violence in 2018. We will continue to compile and document their deaths from previous years and publish these names as each year is completed. Below, there are many instances where we do not know the name of the woman or girl. This is largely due to a growing trend in some jurisdictions not to release names of victims. We feel it is still important to include an entry for this individual to remember her.

As noted elsewhere on our website, we define femicide as ‘the killing of all women and girls primarily, but not exclusively, by men.’ As such, some of the cases below involve female accused. We will continue to include all such cases until there is clearer international consensus on the parameters of femicide or gender-related killings of women and girls and/or more detail on the circumstances of their deaths become available.

Our information is drawn from media sources with relevant links provided and captures only information known at the time. Given the high risks faced by Indigenous women and girls and the ongoing national inquiry into this situation, we indicate whether the woman or girl was Indigenous. However, it is important to note that whether a woman or girl is Indigenous will not always be mentioned or captured in the media; therefore, these cases will be undercounted. Information will be updated as it becomes available.

As we track these cases, there are numerous cases identified as ‘suspicious deaths’ or women and girls who disappeared. These names are not included below. We will continue to monitor the investigations into the deaths or disappearances of these women and girls until these cases are resolved.

Deaths that result from crashes or collisions by motor vehicle that were not intentional or other clearly random acts are not included.

Below, by clicking on each name, you will be taken to a link for each story that documents the initial coverage of the incident. Where possible, English or French news links are provided as appropriate.

January 2018: 17 victims

Barbara Kovic, 76, Etobicoke, ON (Jan 3)

Kristen Faye Cantre, 32, Indigenous, Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation, SK (Jan 7)

Name not released, 40, O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation, Crane River, MB (Jan 7)

Arlène Girard, 56, Sherbrooke, QC (Jan 8)

Louise Earle, 62, Brighton, ON (Jan 10)

Baljit Thandi, 32, Brampton, ON (Jan 12)

Avtar Kaur, 60, Brampton, ON (Jan 12)

Elaine Bellevue, 61, Mississauga, ON (Jan 13)

Holly Marie Hamilton, 29, Hamilton, ON (Jan 14)

Jan Singh, 70, Oakville, ON (Jan 17)

Angel Sandine Beaulieu, 22, Indigenous, Winnipeg, MB (Jan 18)

Deidra Ann Smith, 35, Highlands East Township, ON (Jan 21)

Deborah Irene Yorke, 63, Dartmouth, NS (Jan 21)

Hoden Dahir Said, 30, Brampton, ON (Jan 27)

Claire Hébert, 58, Gatineau, QC (Jan 28)

Name not released, 35, Indigenous, St. Theresa Point, Island Lake, MB (Jan 28)

Yun Yu, 61, LaSalle (Montreal), QC (Jan 28)

February 2018: 8 victims

Safaa Marina, 53, Nepean, ON (Feb 4)

Agnes Sutherland, 62, Indigenous, Timmins, ON (Feb 4)

Maria Da Gloria Da Silva DeSousa, 81, Orleans, ON (Feb 10)

Ulla Theoret, 55, Ryerson Township, ON (Feb 23)

Raija Turunen, 88, Ryerson Township, ON (Feb 23)

Karen Lee MacKenzie, 40, Halifax Region, NS (~Feb 25)

Chelsey Tegan Alice Rose Bien, 25, Indigenous, Kwanlin Dün First Nation, YK (Feb 26)

Brenda Joyce Richardson, 77, Kenora, ON (Feb. 26)

March 2018: 13 victims

Name not released, 21, Thicket Portage, MB (Mar 2)

Alicia Marie Lewandowski, 25, Mississauga, ON (Mar 5)

Essozinam Assali, 27, North York, ON (Mar 6)

Janice West, 62, Wiarton, ON (Mar 6)

Krassimira (Krissy) Pejcinovski, 39, Ajax, ON (Mar 14)
Venallia (Vana) Pejcinovski, 13, Ajax, ON (Mar 14)

Name not released, 9, Indigenous, Wemindji, QC (Mar 15)

Ruma Amar, 29, North York, ON (Mar 17)

Jennifer Lynne Semenec, 45, Springhill, NS (Mar 20)

Nadia El-Dib, 22, Malborough, AB (Mar 25)

Name not released, 51, Thompson, MB (Mar 26)

Raena Kalee Henry, 28, Indigenous, Squamish, BC (Mar 27)

Marian Fischer, Morris-Turnberry, ON (Mar 29)


April 2018: 16 victims

Anne Rainville, 61, Marathon, ON (Apr 5)

Naomi Bartlette, 33, Moncton, NB (Apr 6)

Rosalie Gagnon, 2, Charlesbourg, QC (Apr 18)

Mary Lou Clauson, 61, Midale, SK (Apr 20)

Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Forsyth, 94, North York, ON (Apr 23)
Beutis Renuka Amarasingha, 45, North York, ON (Apr 23)
Andrea Bradden, 33, North York, ON (Apr 23)
Geraldine Brady, 83, North York, ON (Apr 23)
So He (Sohe) Chung, 22, North York, ON (Apr 23)
Anne Marie D'amico, 30, North York, ON (Apr 23)
Ji-Hun (Ji Hun) Kim, 22, North York, ON (Apr 23)
Dorothy Marie Sewell, 80, North York, ON (Apr 23)

Brittany Vande Lagemaat, 25, Kildare (Edmonton), AB (Apr 23)

Emily-Ann Anderson, 25, Sept-Îles, QC (Apr 23)
Kaylee Anderson Tooma, 2, Sept-Îles, QC (Apr 23)

Keri Smith, 36, Richmond, BC (Apr 30)

May 2018: 15 victims

Name not released, 22, Indigenous, Iqaluit, NU (May 6)

Bigue Ndao, 33, Edmonton, AB (May 7)

Laura Jean Victoria Wigelsworth, 27, Vanastra, ON (May 10)

Name not released, 61, LaSalle (Montreal), QC (May 15)

Josephine Pelletier, 33, Indigenous, Calgary, AB (May 17)

Name not released, Fishing Lake Metis Settlement, AB (May 19)

Name not released, 23, Flin Flon, MB (May 19)

Angela Turner, 50, Charleswood, MB (May 21)

Abbegail Judith Elliott, 21, Toronto, ON (May 23)

Elisabeth Salm, 59, Ottawa, ON (May 24)

Rhoderie Estrada, 41, East York, ON (May 25)

Name not released, Iqaluit, NU (May 27)

Freda Joyes, 74, Spruce Grove, AB (May 27)

Christine Lynnette Barker, 36, Winnipeg, MB (May 28)

Heeley Rae Balanga, 35, Kawartha Lakes, ON (May 29)


June 2018: 11 victims

Name not released, Taloyoak, NU (June 8)

Brandy Sandra Robillard, 24, Indigenous, Black Lake First Nation, SK (June 10)

Victoria Selby-Readman, 28, Toronto, ON (June 10)

Autumn Marie Taggart, 31, Windsor, ON (June 10)

Chloé Labrie, 28, Kuujjuaq, QC (June 12)

Autumn Miranda Andy-Cheena, 15, Indigenous, Mishkosiminiziibiing (Big Grassy) First Nation, ON (June 13)

Darlene Norma Cardinal, 43, Lac La Biche, AB (June 22)

Nicole Chouinard, 71, Laval, QC (June 23)

Jenas Nyarko, 31, Toronto, ON (June 24)

Chantelle Almeida, 26, Vaughan, ON (June 29)

Michelle Marcino, 56, Buck Lake, AB (June 29)


July 2018: 15 victims

Chloé Bellehumeur-Lemay, 22, Lanaudière, QC (July 1)

Ashley MacLean Kearse, 22, Cole Harbour, NS (July 2)

Crystal Louise McFadyen, 37, Saskatoon, SK (July 6)

Carla Rutherford, 64, Dundas, On (July 9)

Carrie Shannon Paton, 38, Blue Quill (Edmonton), AB (July 12)

Carolyn Campbell, 52, Toronto, ON (July 12)

Alyssa Lightstone, 20, Newmarket, ON (July 21)

Reese Fallon, 18, Toronto, ON (July 22)
Julianna Kozis, 10, Toronto, ON (July 22)

Rama Gauravarapu, West Kelowna, BC (July 22)

Aaliyah Rosa, 7, Langley, BC (Jul 22)

Brigitte Pelletier, 54, Dundee, NB (July 28)

Kim Racine, 24, St-Isidore-de-la-Prairie, QC (July 29)

Taylor Toller, Calgary, AB (July 26)
Shawn Boshuck, Calgary, AB (July 31)


August 2018: 15 victims

Chelsea Lynn De Forge, 31, Vancouver, BC (Aug 1)

Nancy Morgan, 59, Terrace, BC (Aug 2)

Amanda McClaskin, 36, Muskoka Lakes Township, ON (Aug 3)

Name not released, 94, Dartmouth, NS (Aug 4)  

Bobbie Lee Wright, 32, Fredericton, NB (Aug 10)
Sara Mae Helen Burns, 43, Fredericton, NB (Aug 10)

Ellie May House, 31, Indigenous, Paul First Nation Reserve, AB (Aug 14)

Elena Marcucci, 84, Etobicoke, ON (Aug 18)

Wendy Allan, 51, Kawartha Lakes, ON (Aug 19)

Edresilda (Edra) Haan, 58, Kitchener, ON (Aug 22)

Sandra Anne Finn, 70, Peterborough, ON (Aug 22)

Amelie Christelle Sakkalis, 28, Boston Bar, BC (Aug 22)

Amelia Corrie Sainnawap, 31, Thunder Bay, ON (Aug 22)

Colleen Maxwell, 73, Toronto, ON (Aug 29)

Danielle Marie Faye Big George, 23, Indigenous, Big Island First Nation, ON (Aug 30)


September 2018: 6 victims

Josiane Arguin, 34, Montréal, QC (Sep 1)

Destiny Joy Andersen, 17, Jacksonville, NB (Sep 11)

Candice Kennedy-Faguy, 35, Moncton, NB (Sep 22)

Lindsay Marie Jackson, 25, Indigenous, Duvernay, AB (~Sep 22)

Xiuyan Chen, 42, Mississauga, ON (Sept 25)

Name not released, 57, Berens River, MB (Sept 26)


October 2018: 12 victims

Aspen Pallot, 19, Richmond, BC (Oct 4)

Anida Magaya, 42, Surrey, BC (Oct 5)

Ophélie Martin-Cyr, 19, Yamachiche, QC (Oct 9)

Emilie Maheu, 26, South Glengarry, ON (Oct 11)

Betty Ann Cup, 72, Indigenous, Iskatewizaagegan Shoal Lake 39, Kenora, ON (Oct. 12)

Name not released, Indigenous, 16, Regina, SK (Oct 14)

Name not released, 17, Igloolik, NU (Oct 17)

Robyn Garlow, 30, Hamilton, ON (Oct 20)

Baby Isabelle, 3 weeks old, Toronto, ON (Oct 21)

Cassidy Bernard, 22, We’koqma’q First Nation, NS (Oct 24)

Candace (Cree) Stevens, 31, Indigenous, Upper Derby, NB (Oct 27)

Irene Jeannine Kelly Barkman, 32, Indigenous, Thunder Bay, ON (Oct. 29)

Ashley Chantal McKay, 25, Indigenous, Thunder Bay, ON (Oct 30)


November 2018: 10 victims

Linda Santos, 47, Mississauga, ON (Nov 1)

Name not released, 25, Galahad, AB (Nov 2)

Melissa Trudi Miller, 37, Oneidas of Thames, ON (Nov 4)

Diane McLeod, 67, Elliot Lake, ON (Nov 15)

Nicole (Porciello) Hasselmann, 34, Burnaby, BC (Nov. 16)

Trina Bird, 25, Indigenous, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, SK (Nov 17)

Hailey Dugay, 20, Gimli, MB (Nov 17)

    Annie Little, 53, Indigenous, Winnipeg, MB (Nov. 23)

    Elizabeth Poulin, 87, Vancouver, BC (Nov 24) 

    Marilyn Claire Anderson, 83, Keremeos, BC (Nov 30)


    December 2018: 12 victims

    Christine St-Onge, 41, Los Cabos, Mexico (Dec 4)

    Mackenzie Petawaysin, 3, Edmonton, AB (Dec 5) 
    Mary Lafleche Petawaysin, 6 months, Edmonton, AB (Dec 5)

    Lisa Marie Kubica, 38, Winnipeg, MB (Dec 6)

    Samantha Sharpe, 25, Sunchild First Nation, AB (Dec 12)

    Darcie (Darcii) Lynelle Hayden Muchikekwanape, 15, Indigenous, The Pas, MB (Dec 14)

    Laurie-Anne Grenier, 27, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC (Dec 15)

    Name not released, 83, Mississauga, ON (Dec 21)

    Sylina Ann Curley, 43, Calgary, AB (Dec 21)

    Crystal Ann Tracey, 52, St. Stephen, NB (Dec 24)

    Stacey Perry, 29, Calgary, AB (Dec 25)

    Name not released, 49, Edmonton, AB (Dec 28)